Building Information Modeling

B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative working methodology for creating and managing a construction project.

The aim of it is to centralize all of the information about a project in a digital information model created by all of its agents.

BIM involves the evolution of traditional design systems based on two dimensions, as it incorporates geometric infomation (3D), and information regarding weather (4D), costs (5D), environment (6D) and maintenance (7D).

The us of BIM goes beyond the design phases, covering the execution of the project and extending throughout the whole life cycle of the building, allowing it to be managed and operational costs to be reduced.


The BIM model can be appled to any type of project, whether it is a new creation or a refurbishment or update of existing projects. It covers all of the phases of execution, subsequent maintenance and updates to the construction, making it possible to constantly manage and monitor the information.

We offer different services bound to this technology


We use 3D laser scanning technology to capture the construction environment.


Coordination and computerization process for buildings and infrastructure, through which we develop a virtual model.


At GEOTOP we manage the construction process using the BIM methodology, from the initial drawings right through to the use of the building or infrastructure.


We assist, support and manage the life cycle of a construction project in a collaborative manner.